What a Weekend!

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We got back from our trip to the beach last night, hot and tired but with plenty of stories to tell!

Our journey started 4am Saturday morning but it didn’t seem too bad getting up that early because it starts to get light around 4.30am and the sun gets up at 5am!

We arrived in Norseman about 6am, just in time to see this…

Which I thought was pretty cool :) Got some funny grins from the truckies though as I was running across the forecourt to take their picture. These road trains are GIANTS!

We arrived in Esperance just in time for Craig to meet the guys he was going diving with, and he threw an extra tank of air in the truck for the dive on Sunday.

Jai and I headed up to the A&P show and it was so lovely, just like the ones back home. We stopped and watched the shearing for a wee bit and I realised that even though I’d lived in NZ most of my life I’d never actually seen shearers or rousies at work! They do a pretty amazing job.

I didn’t take my camera with me as I wasn’t sure what there would be to take pictures of but I should’ve known to take it just in case… Although this post would be a lot longer if I had!

Later that day we met up with Craig and went back to the show, only to walk out and find 2 burly policemen standing by our car. I had the keys and considered keeping walking down the street, but my good conscience wouldn’t let me and I had to walk over and ask what we had done wrong!

The man whose house we had parked outside had called the police because he thought a bomb had gone off. Our back window was shattered and I thought we had been broken into so my heart sank, knowing I’d left my beloved camera in the back.

Turns out the air tank in the back seat had exploded (some seal in the top gave way under pressure) and the whole thing had smashed into the window. Pretty unlucky – a freak accident they said but I think it’s pretty lucky that we weren’t in the truck at the time, it did a bit of damage to the door!

There was glass EVERYWHERE thoughout the truck and the man said his house shook so we left feeling like we should go and buy a lotto ticket. Timing really is everything :)

The next morning we woke up at 5am with the sun streaming in over the sea – our motel room with sea views was really beautiful and the windows were caked in salt spray which ┬áreminded me of my bedroom at Kakanui – clean windows only last 5 minutes by the sea!

Not long after that we were back at the dive shop and I spotted this lady with 3 dogs identical to Squeakles – do you think she would enjoy biking along like these ones Mum?! We could get you a basket for Squeakles and a trailer for Henry :)

We drove out to Lucky Bay, a fitting name for our weekend I think, and Craig headed out for another dive. As Jai and I were sitting in the carpark Mr and Mrs Kangaroo came hopping past and stopped for a chat, then Baby Joey popped out to say hello too!

The locals are so friendly here :)

It was a picturesque setting, as is the case with all the beaches down in Esperance. Apparently the day before we were there a whale and her calf had been relaxing in the bay but must have moved on.

We didn’t make it in for a swim because the wind was a bit cold, but we regretted that later as we were driving home in 37 degree heat with a broken window!!

Just out of Esperance I drove past a snake lying on the road soaking up the sun, and I was so excited the words “Look there’s a snake!!” just wouldn’t come to me so Craig who was sleeping, and Jai who was reading both missed it! I did a U-turn and stopped right beside it, if anyone knows what sort of snake it was I’d love to know but it was a distinctly brown colour so we didn’t get out ;)

We did another U-turn and gently persuaded it to slither off the road, we didn’t want to see him squashed. He turned around and took off quick as lightening into the long grass on the side of the road – I am quite thankful we don’t have snakes in NZ otherwise I don’t think I’d ever go riding in summertime!

Not far up the road as I was driving my second stint (it makes it so much easier swapping drivers every 100km or so) we came across this…

I felt quite bad taking a photo because the truckie was really embarrassed about what he had done, we turned up the UHF radio to listen and he was desperately calling for help from the workers just up the road to pull him out. He’d tried to turn around but had got stuck so blocked off the whole road! We bush bashed around the back of him and carried on our journey.

We arrived home just as the sun was setting, what a weekend!

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