Yoga for beginners!


I’ve just started doing yoga again after about a month break and I had forgotten how good it makes you feel!

This is the DVD I follow, Tamal Dodge is such an inspiring teacher and after a few days following the programme you can really feel the difference.

At the moment my flexibility is ZERO! After doing the Hatha Programme yesterday morning my muscles were shaking, but it doesn’t take long then they’ll be back to where they were when I was doing it every day.

If you think going to a yoga class is too hard or you just don’ t have the time, I’d really recommend you get a yoga mat and a DVD (any Yoga DVD, they all have good things about them!) and take a quiet half hour out from your busy schedule to practise! You can go at your own pace and do it anytime.

DO IT :)

On another note, we’re going to the beach this weekend!

Not camping this time, staying in an “Ocean View Motel Room” because it was the only accommodation left in the whole town!

I can’t wait to get back down there and smell the air. It almost reminds me of home.

Have a good Labour Weekend xx

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