Peachy Beachy Days


I’ve just started a new topic at Kindy – Under the Sea and talking with the kids today made me want to be at the beach right now. We have such beautiful warm days here but nowhere nice to swim. Our trip to the beach a few weeks ago was so lovely, I hope we can do many more over the summer.

 I took my camera down with me and tried to use it as much as possible. It was expensive but I figure that taking photos is what I bought it for, so I’ll take the risk of something happening to it.

This crab was pretty cool, he was very aggressive and came up fighting when Joel tried to pick him up – after the photos were taken however we put in back into his little home and he scuttled away under a rock.

This is just the most gorgeous place to camp, it’s one thing I’ll really miss when we finally go home.

My friend Joel got a bit creative with the photos he took – this is another thing I love about having a nice camera! I love giving other people opportunities to use it, and I especially love seeing the snaps that come from them.

And here’s one I took…

I can’t wait to get back down there soon.

2 thoughts on “Peachy Beachy Days

  1. Havejust been shown this by Bron….lovely site cant wait to get back and look at it again at home…you are so clever. Love you mum

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