I love Mustard! But not Ants


I have had an epiphany, my poor Mum! For years I have scorned Mustard. I wouldn’t have the tiniest taste of the Mustard Sauce she used to lovingly cook up for Corned Beef, I scoffed at mustard and ham sandwiches and generally turned my nose up at anything that had the slightest whiff of that delightfully delicious Mustard scent.

I am a new convert.

I love the stuff!!! Particularly with delicious gourmet sausages and fresh crusty bread, but in anything really! Slap it on and away you go. My gosh I can’t believe I’ve wasted so many years of my life not eating it!

On another note, Summer is here in the red dusty land of Western Australia and the ants are back out in hordes. I can’t hang out the washing or water my plants without doing the ant dance (if you’ve ever had to do it you’ll know what I mean: step, hop, slap, repeat!). Usually they’re pretty harmless and just run up your legs and tickle between your toes but today they started biting, OUCH! Those little suckers can really pack a punch.

I’m sorry to say it but I might have to take some drastic measures to encourage them to live elsewhere.

3 thoughts on “I love Mustard! But not Ants

  1. Try mustard in leek and potato soup…..Luci’s idea and really gives it a lovely flavour….I am a convert too.Mum x

  2. We get loads of ants too here in South Australia. Many years ago I discovered a trick the professionals use to get rid of the majority of ants. Would you believe it’s baby powder! Yep baby powder! Hard to believe I know. I was sceptical too but you know it works!
    Use it around the pet water bowl outside. Put it around susceptible plants. Put it on windowsills and door openings. Easy to use because you can puff the baby powder anywhere. No need to buy the expensive stuff either just buy the biggest size home brand baby powder you can. Baby powder doesn’t hurt the garden and can be washed or swept away. It is convenient to use and non toxic to animals or humans. Apparently it smothers the ants who then groom themselves and ingesting the powder damages their nervous systems and it’s curtains for them. Try it :o)

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